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Joyce Expediting - Air & Land Courier Service


Sales Agency

Joyce Expediting is always interested in communicating with industry professionals that share our philosophy of customer service above all other considerations. Sales opportunities are available in many areas of the USA. Contact us at 800-569-2333 to communicate your interest in being a sales agent.

Commissionable shipments can produce significant return. Our services are unsurpassed and we offer the highest level of customer service possible. Your customers’ work will be welcomed and respected.

Area Agent

Joyce Expediting maintains state of the art communications with our offices and agents worldwide. Please contact us at 800-569-2333 if you are interested in building new Area Agent relationships with Joyce Expediting. TSA trained companies with certified STA driver/couriers are welcomed.

Exclusive Station / Office

The opportunity for exclusive station office for geographical region or airport city exists. Contact our Station Development manager to communicate your interest. We encourage you to contact us at 800-569-2333.

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